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2017 - 2018 company info

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DAllas Roots

Since 1958

Picture it: Dallas. 1958.  At the time, Choreo Records was a local vinyl record company owned by dance legend, Buster Cooper. Choreo recorded original compositions featuring local jazz artists of the time and distributed them to dance studios and performance companies nationwide.  Dance music distribution and cutting edge choreography well before Spotify and Instagram. Cool, right?

Fast forward to 2013,  Buster's granddaughter Keira Anne Leverton has reestablished the company with a youth ensemble whose mission is to preserve Choreo’s original music and Buster’s historic choreography. Joined by Natalie Earl, Co-Director and Director of Acting, and Nick Earl, Music Director, Choreo Records is putting a new spin on things (pun intended). We are thrilled to have deep roots to grow from and humbly do our part to transform the way that tap dance is viewed and practiced today.


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the basics

We are a youth tap ensemble.

We currently accept ensemble members aged 8-18.

Students spend most of their time in the language of tap dance but are also taught acting and music. Many of our students showcase their other talents in our films or by jumping in with the Choreo band.

Rehearsals are held Sundays from 1:00pm - 5:00pm at Contemporary Ballet Dallas on Mockingbird Lane.

Season begins August 2017 and continues through the first week of March 2018. Cost is $225/month per student for up to 20 hours of technique, rehearsal and original choreography. Season concludes with a live performance and film screening.  Multiple opportunities for additional performances throughout the season.

What we do





Boutique Experience

Music Theory

Original tap films

Guest artists

Rock shows

Tap History


Live Music

A little nonsense...

...and a lot of fun

what we dont do


Poor Technique


Canned music

Overflowing classes


What folks are saying

Mostly Unprovoked flattery from our friends.


"Thank you for Choreo Records and the joy you bring to our kid! Your dedication is admirable and your spirit infectious - looking forward to next season!"

-Joanna Schellenberg, Awesome Actress and Amazing Tap Mom

"As a parent, you always want your child to get your money's worth out of an art program by learning the craft.  At Choreo, we not only get lots of learning bang for our buck, but our teenage student is proud and happy to be part of this amazing ensemble."

-Katie Anderson, Super Law Genius and Expert Tap Mom

"I love tap because it allows me to express my true nature."

-Hannah Geiser, Founding Member of Choreo and Future Celebrity

"Friendship and Happiness."

-Tara Bell, Member of our Next Generation, Age 8, Obsessed with Tap and Bears



Check us out in action!

Pics by Lisa Mims, Sharen Bradford, Dallas Observer or yours truly.



who steers this ship?

We're proud to say we've got a great crew at the helm of this voyager.  All Choreo faculty have extensive training in their prospective fields and most are still working artists. Below are the directors, who aren't too shabby on their own, but are backed up by a stellar deck crew. You'll have the pleasure of meeting everyone once you board our fine vessel. 


Keira Anne Leverton

Ringleader. Cat lover. Non conformist. Dinosaur enthusiast. Trekkie.

Keira began her early tap career under Terry Wolter and her grandfather, Buster Cooper. She continued training under Acia Gray in Austin, Barbara Phillips in San Antonio, and Jay Fagan and in Chicago. Additional studies under Derick K. Grant, Lane Alexander, Bril Barrett, Henry LeTang, Sam Weber, Nicole Hockenberry, Dianne Walker, Gregory Hines, and Yuji Uragami.

Keira has toured a long list of countries with Seasame Street Live and Barney, playing at venues such as Radio City Music Hall and Wembley Stadium. If we're being honest, Keira's bio is way too long to fit here and the only thing that she really wants you to know is she danced her way to Michelle Obama.  

Natalie Young Earl

Resident clown and straight man. Shark enthusiast. Hufflepuff. Little League dropout.

Natalie's first stage production was at the age of 8, though she believes earlier experimental works began within the womb. She went on to attend Midwestern State University, where she acted as resident Hermione Granger in every class except geology and graduated cum laude with a BFA in Theatre. Since moving to Dallas, Natalie has taken the stage with a number companies in town, including Second Thought Theatre, Shakespeare Dallas, Theatre Three, Dallas Actors Lab, The Ochre House and Watertower Theater. In 2011, she was awarded “Top Female Performance” by D Magazine for her performance in Red Light Winter at Second Thought Theater. She was also featured in Dallas Observer’s 2012 People Issue as “The Showstopper." 

Natalie has also starred in a long list of commercials, biopics and short films you’ve likely never seen unless you're a big fan of true crime, obscure music videos, Colgate or the Bio channel. 

When she isn't acting, Natalie sings in the choir for The Polyphonic Spree. Not unlike Keira, she's toured several countries, and also had the privilege of playing onstage with The Monkees in addition to the recent David Bowie tribute at Radio City Music Hall. 

Natalie Young. Headshot.JPG
Photo by Mike Brooks

Photo by Mike Brooks

Nick Earl

Space man. BBQ connoisseur. Hair model. Leo. 

Nick pulled his guitar from a stone at the age of 13 and vowed to use its powers solely for good.   Years later, he eventually left his studies in architecture at Louisiana State University to pursue a degree in music at University of North Texas. Since his move to Texas, Nick has played with several local artists, including Paul Slavens, Salim Nourallah, Gabrielle La Plante, Deathray Davies, Vanessa Peters, Telegraph Canyon, Xuan Nguyen and The Travoltas. He currently spends most of his time on guitar for The Polyphonic Spree and Tripping Daisy. He also makes up one half of the experimental rock duo Plandriod. Nick is a three time nominee for the Dallas Observer Music Awards for Best Guitarist.

In case you were wondering, he is also part of the Radio City Music Hall club. 


So how about that dance?

Ready to dive in? Still have questions?

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We look forward to having you.

Love and Tappiness,

Keira, Natalie and Nick


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